Share your flood experiences and advice

August 1, 2007 at 12:33 pm

Have you been affected by the flooding this summer?

If you’ve been affected by the floods and would like to share your story or offer advice to other flood victims, tell us about it.

If you have any photos to upload we’ll add them to your message.

Caution: Do not put your safety or the safety of others in danger.

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13 Responses to “Share your flood experiences and advice”

  1. Jade Amelia Lewis says:

    In my house a couple of months ago sewage came into to our local park toilets some people didn’t flush the toilets and the toilets over load it was every where it was terrible and it smelt a lot.

  2. Ian Butcher says:

    We were badly flooded in 2007 and out of our house for 15 months, there is no river nearby but we found that Thames Water had failed to keep a Surface Water Sewer clear and this had contributed to flooding. A Thames Water Engineer admitted it had been 80% blocked on day of flood with debris that had built up over the years. Three years on and despite contacting OFWAT several times we have had no reassurances that there would be ongoing planned maintenance to keep this clear, neither were we compensated for distress caused and large financial losses we had as a result.

  3. walter scott says:

    Could someone please confirm that this simplistic idea has been investigated and ruled out or show some evidence of it implementation please. I have often wondered about the strategy of having a flood plain (simple but effective) this area floods before any where else. But when the flood water is too great and overwhelms the flood plain an floods homes as well why not increase the capacity of the flood plain i.e. drop the level of it and us the excavations to reinforce the bund wall. In the centre of the plain a shaft could be dropped into the ground that would only begin to take in water once a flood situation level had been achieved, this shaft/s could hold millions of gallons of water and could also be located alongside rivers banks in areas prone to flooding. Each year billions of pounds are paid out in reactive insurance claims whereas with contributions from the insurance companies and a little proactive thinking. Would someone please respond?

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