Share your flood experiences and advice

August 1, 2007 at 12:33 pm

Have you been affected by the flooding this summer?

If you’ve been affected by the floods and would like to share your story or offer advice to other flood victims, tell us about it.

If you have any photos to upload we’ll add them to your message.

Caution: Do not put your safety or the safety of others in danger.

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12 Responses to “Share your flood experiences and advice”

  1. Lisa Lamere says:

    Thanks for the advice! My home on a flood plain and we’re worried about qualifying for home insurance – I’ll try your tips and let you know.

  2. The Mozz says:

    My house has been drenched – it is scary that in this day and age a house can flood – it’s like we are building on flood plains or something!

    I blame Dr Beeching for killing off the railways and making us use cars – it’s all his fault!

  3. Jo Brooks says:

    I was flooded on June 25th. The water came through the floors; it was all excess surface water which had nowhere to drain.
    The worst thing was watching the water levels rise and not being able to do anything about it.

    I chose to remain in the property throughout the drying out and repairs, and I can honestly say never again….it was devastating to see my home as a shell. Thankfully, pretty much all the repair work is complete but it has been 10 weeks of disruption!

  4. Ms Noah says:

    We were flooded on the 15th June, we were in the middle of clearing out and just starting to dry when we were flooded again. It was 10 weeks before we got the electricity back on and once again started drying. It’s still drying. We’ll be out of our homes till well after Christmas.

    We believe this is down to bad river management, or home is 112 years old and has never flooded before, we are not on a flood plain. The river hasn’t been dredged for many years and has less than 1/2 the capacity it used to have.

    We are worried about it happening again if money is continued to be saved by cutting back on jobs like this.

    We are also worried about the rest of our home and the things in it after it’d been so damp and smelly for so long.

    Our home is a shell with unsafe floors and holes where people can and have fallen through. It’s scary and depressing to go there. We aren’t sure we want to go back.

  5. Cliff Fazackerley says:

    The reception to our kennels is under several inches of water, this is due to the mains sewer not being able to remove the water from our land. I understand that the pipes from the pumping station are not capable of clearing the water. Please could you advise when the correct sizes pipes are to be installed.

  6. Sarah Watkins says:

    I got flooded and 1 of my family members died.

  7. Roger Cooke says:

    If you have been flooded this year like us, twice in fact! and if the cause has been due to the rain water drains backing up,
    then don’t expect Yorkshire Water to help. Why? Because they don’t care, they need to look under one small manhole cover in the middle of the road which is stuck due to total lack of maintenance by Yorkshire Water; one week on and 6 phone calls later and nothing. They have to be the worst company in Britain, god help anyone needing there help urgently.

  8. Neil Duff says:

    We were flooded out on 13th August possibly due to an undersized culvert and excessive rain entering the stream. Don’t trust local authorities, developers, insurers or builders and get organised with your neighbours to rally support.
    Have a look at

  9. Tomy Gou says:

    I have been flooded about 5 times.

  10. Kim Murphy says:

    We got flooded and had no help. We get scared when the waters rise because the council do not see us as a flood risk area so will not help us. They will not resolve the drainage problem which caused the flood although they said they would. I can not trust them now and it seems like hope is lost when it comes to flood warnings.

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